What does “diet” really mean?


When starting a diet, there can be many motives, on a superficial level, we can talk about goals such as: weight loss, gain in muscle mass, fat loss, determination, etc. But, based on this, what is a diet, and what […]

When starting a diet, there can be many motives, on a superficial level, we can talk about goals such as: weight loss, gain in muscle mass, fat loss, determination, etc. But, based on this, what is a diet, and what not?

And it is precisely because extrinsic motivation is what drives us to offer it, whether it is searching for information on the web or contacting a professional (the latter option is the most appropriate).

There are miraculous diets that promise the best results with minimal effort, crash diets that play with the illusion of someone who wants change, which he considers to be just physical, diets with their own name, proprietary methods, etc. … and we could make a list of all those diets that promise and play with necessity.

And where does it usually end when we sometimes give up for not knowing this view? In a completely opposite effect, and therefore in great disappointment, in a vicious circle that forces us to act to the detriment of our goals.


Definition of the term “diet”:

If we look at the meaning of the word, the RAE says the following: Diet: control or regulation of the amount and type of food that a person or animal takes, usually for a specific purpose. It is not talking about suffering, deprivation, or overexertion, but rather a pattern. Did you think this is the first thing that comes to mind when reading a diet? Write it down! So what is it and what is NOT a diet?

What’s not a diet?

  • This is not a punishment that you impose on yourself: diet should be the result of accepting yourself and recognizing from this place your desire for improvement.
  • Nor does it suffer from not very patient demands of the time: While short-term goals can be motivating, they should be based on reasonable and achievable goals, remembering that if you haven’t achieved what you have achieved in two days , you won’t change it in two more days.
  • This is not a short-term goal that will be ruined as soon as it is achieved: while specific goals motivate you, create that and positive feeling that your lifestyle entails, that is, true achievement!
  • This is not a shortcut or a miracle: don’t let the marketing strategy take over your illusion, a good result is the sum of changing habits and in the hands of the right people, both professionally and personally, a very important support.

WHAT YES is this diet?

  • Yes, this is what you decide to do to improve, whether because of intrinsic motivation to demonstrate what you can, as a reflection of your acceptance and love for yourself, or the awareness of how to support yourself. A great merit that is not always recognized or taken into account.
  • Yes, this is a way to test your capabilities. Challenge yourself against your goal, develop new skills and use the ones you already have to your advantage.
  • Yes, it is something to enjoy the way the target is visualized. Often we are encouraged to act at the end point, but if we connect our energies and emotions with this achievement from the beginning, we will constantly enjoy ourselves, and this end goal will be the effect.
  • Yes, this is a good way to change habits. Having an orderly order makes our life easier and helps us not to use additional energy if everything is set up in advance. It also strengthens our self-esteem as we see ourselves in line with our goal and take every step.
  • Yes, this is a tutorial. We will feel confident knowing what and how much to eat, and we will learn from it to flow and not make us think about control. Control key.


We often think, and his feelings of ignorance worry him more that the end justifies the means. So, while obviously everything deserves some effort on our part, it shouldn’t mean suffering.

We must be knowledgeable and consistent about the decisions we make for our goals, always prioritizing good physical and mental health. When you manage to align it all, you realize that in a completely opposite case: the means are the true end. We hope this text helps you distinguish between what is and what is not.

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